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BaanTu Newsletter Summer 2017
from Steve Rhodes
By the end of the year I will launch a brand new software (free update for all) and book. In the up-coming autumn semester at the Academy, you will have an early chance to hear the new BaanTu and students will have access to the beta-version of the very different software.
In September, BaanTu will enter its seventh year. I've been working with Human Design for 14 years. While it wasn't my initial intention to change the Human Design System, it was through working on the books, developing a software myself, doing a lot of research, meeting a lot of people who worked closely with Ra Uru Hu (the founder of the HDS) over the last 20 years that I began to notice a few inconsistencies. Doubts arose about some of the things I always took for granted.
I knew that there is something magical in the Graph and with the calculation of it all, but struggled with the "official" version of what it all means. First I thought I didn't know enough about it, so I studied everything Ra said. I bought all the material, and spent seven years with him in endless classes, all in all costing as much as a new car. But when it still doesn't make sense after 10 years, you know something is rotten.
My approach to things that don't work is brutal: I'm always ready to leave them behind, no matter how much I had invested into it. I either fix them or move on. When I listened to some of the early leading Human Design people who worked with Ra in the '90s, they bitterly complained that he actually prevented them from seeing what is in front of them. They had to follow the dot that he had laid out and were punished for any attempts of interpreting it themselves. Once I was ready to forget what had been drummed into me, when I stopped repeating Ra's "gospel", I was able to see a new dimension. I had to stop improving what the Human Design System said and actually forget it all in order to see what is in front of me.
So here we are. What I'm going to present by the end of this year is the completion of a journey that began in 2011. There is now nothing left from the Human Design System. This wasn't my intention. It just happened. From now on we have to be clear that BaanTu is not the same as Human Design. They are almost polar opposites in terms of interpreting the Graph.
I really want to be clear to newcomers about something, because it's something I didn't know when getting into all of this. Ra Uru Hu said that he didn't invent the Graph and the calculations. They were given to him. There are many stories of how this happened, one of them his own version of the "encounter". But one thing is clear: He didn't figure them out. What he actually did was create the Human Design System out of this and come up with a "self-help" system. For that he had to create a flaw first, in order to "help" you later. So he invented the "Not-Self", "Non-Energy Beings", "Strategy & Authority", the "path to awareness", the "correct" diet, environment, and many other things. In a nutshell, he said that we are all blind fools and the Human Design System is here to awaken us. I listened to him in live classes for seven years and he openly despised the Indian masters and their path to enlightenment. He made fun of religion. But what's so startling to me is that he did the exact same thing. He created these rules and a new path to "enlightenment", disguising it as intellectual factual science, when actually it's not.
BaanTu isn't like any of this. The Graph and the data that you can see are like a mirror. A mirror doesn't speak. It's the observer that forms its own opinion. BaanTu doesn't tell you what to do. It allows you to see with more clarity what's in front of you. It's not a self-help system. Because I don't think that you need help. We are not flawed. We all live our lives in the way we are meant to. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it hurts. In fact, we are programmed from the outside to fulfil a specific task for the universe without knowing - similar to the cells within our own bodies. They don't know what they are doing to keep us alive. BaanTu gives you some kind of perspective about your own nature and what kind of people you like and are looking for.
With the totally new BaanTu comes a totally new Academy program. I hate teaching things that have no value and are no fun. So I restructured the whole program to make it better. I teach everything now in one Foundation course, followed by a shorter Application course once in January. With the new BaanTu, things are much easier to grasp and the content is a lot less. At the same time it feels more satisfying, because you get better results.
Anyone who began the old Academy program with Part 1, but didn't complete Part 2 and wants to continue, should sign up for the new "Foundation" course, which will bring you up to speed with the new BaanTu. Your efforts haven't been wasted as you now have a much deeper picture of how we got to where we are now.
People who completed the old program are welcome to the new courses with the half-price offer. I really try to make the education as affordable as possible for everyone, without wasting anyone's time. I also would like to thank all my prior students for participating and financially contributing to the progress that BaanTu made over the years. The same goes for everyone who pays for the full version of the software. All that is making it possible for me to dedicate so much time to its development.
The new BaanTu Foundation course will begin on Sunday 17th September.
It will be with me, Steve Rhodes, in English.
Weekly on Sundays from 6pm-8pm UK time for 10 weeks.
Price: US$ 690
Former students who finished the old Part 2 or Certification: US$ 345
More info and booking: HERE
We use a very simple-to-use software for the courses. All you need is a computer or tablet, webcam and headphones/mic. We can all see each other, you can ask questions, there is a whiteboard to draw, and you can record the audio and video of every class. In case you miss a week, you can download the recordings later. There is no homework and generally a very relaxed atmosphere. This isn't school! It should be fun!
I will retire all three books that are currently in print by the end of September. They are all very strongly inspired by the Human Design System, which I will leave behind when the new book and software come out at the end of the year. If you have an interest in the Human Design System or would like to know how BaanTu evolved from it to where it is now, you can buy them at a reduced price. But you will not be able to buy them after September.
They are available worldwide from Amazon as paperback or Kindle eBook. Choose the Amazon store closest to you. The Russian editions are not sold on Amazon, but by our Russian publishing partner.
The Prophecy of Ra Uru Hu
BaanTu: The Key To Your Nature And Life
Human Design: How To Read A Graph
Die Prophezeiung des Ra Uru Hu
BaanTu: Der Schlüssel zu deiner Natur und dem Leben
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