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Finally the puzzle has been solved what the two colours in the Graph mean. By letting go of one of the last remnants coming from the Human Design System, which always assumed that the two centres at the top of the Graph are mental, I was able to solve this.

From now on, please disregard the information in the books printed before today (the new books are already up-to-date), which says that Channels above the Sharing centre are mental and below physical. This is incorrect. In fact the colour (mind or body) of the Gate will tell you what that influence is used for. To give you an example: you can "solve" things by doing or thinking. You can "know" things physically (for example you know how to dance, paint or weld), but you can also "know" things necessary for your mental process (including speaking communicating).

There is also a major change for the transit. Transit Gates and Channels don't belong to your own design and are not felt. These Gates only act as triggers to activate any hanging Gates of your design (in the same way another person's Gates do). This the reason you will not see some Centres activated in the software any more in the transit view.

When you look at the example I posted here, you will notice that "Service" is not defined. Equally, when you press the period buttons, from now on you will only see any activations that are actually felt and experienced, including Gates activated by the transit, but you won't see the transit Gates themselves in the period view. When you hover over the Gates, you can see if they affect your mind or body side. Any Gates and Channels from the transit will no longer have an effect on the meters in the Easy pages. These are quite substantial changes, and in my experience they line up perfectly with how I perceive myself and the people I know.

Of course, I will go into great detail about all these changes at the ongoing BaanTu course at the academy and a few other things I haven't covered here. If you like, you can still join the current course and you will receive the missed classes as video downloads. There are various discounts available.

There was a little bug in the individual stars (the small ones under each name) on the relationship page, which has been fixed.


I've decided to give personal BaanTu Readings for a limited amount of time again. For more information, please click HERE.

Best wishes,


Steve Rhodes

PS: A Spanish and Chinese translation of "The God Code" is in the works. French, German, Dutch and Russian translations are already out. For more information on the Russian books and education program, please go to: