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The Human Design (HD) Mode has now been added to the new BaanTu 2.0 web software in addition to the Extended BT Mode. Human Design Mode is the last of the finishing touches.

Everyone with a free account has been given a seven-day trial to explore the new features.

By pressing the HD button (under the Graph), you'll switch to the Human Design number system from BaanTu. It also shows the Gates, with all the I Ching texts. By clicking on a Channel, you will now see the complete Channel texts. When no Channel is selected (de-select by clicking the same Channel again), then you will see both the Profile and Cross.

The texts can also be seen for the Transit when you click on the TRANS button. The white triangles show additional Exaltations and Detriments that come either from the Transit or another person, when in relationship mode. For example, when the Exaltation (triangle pointing up) is shown, the Detriment part of the I Ching is not in effect and the text is greyed out. When both triangles are seen, it means that both sides can only occur together.

For more information, please go to the HELP section in the MENU (next to the search box), or read the Tips & Tricks section on the webpage.


This is the first time I will be teaching the complete BaanTu 2.0. I studied with Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design for seven years, and after that worked for another seven years professionally with Human Design, which began with my book about him and the Human Design System after his death in 2011. When finishing the book, I stayed at his house for a week. I slept in his pitch black garden, a few meters away from his grave (see picture). After an intense 14 years of Human Design, it was time to evolve the knowledge to a new level. Nothing in the world stands still. Everything evolves or it dies. It was time for BaanTu 2.0.

Last year we had a record number of students from all over the world. The Academy software, which can be opened by clicking a simple link, allows you to see and hear the other students and myself. You can record the classes on your computer or download them afterwards, in case you couldn’t be there live. In fact, it’s not a requirement to come to the classes. It’s up to you to choose, whether you prefer to study alone or together with us in a group environment.

I will take you on a journey that begins with the story of the Consciousness Crystals that Ra himself was given in 1987. This was the basis for the Human Design System that he later invented. We will talk briefly about the prophecy, our future, the Rave, the Eron, but most importantly how BaanTu 2.0 evolved out of the Human Design System. We will discuss the purpose of BaanTu and what the “Voice” tried to tell Ra in 1987. BaanTu uses a new number system that was mentioned to Ra in his encounter with the “Voice”. By grouping the top, middle and lower pairs of a Hexagram, we reveal a hidden layer. It’s a beginner mistake to assume this is a simplification, when in reality it reveals information that wasn’t even visible before.

The Channels in the Graph don’t show us any energy. They show us our motivation and obligations. It makes no sense to look at this information on a “birth chart”. That's why we have the new period buttons in the BaanTu 2.0 software for 48 hours, week, month and half year. We also have a totally new method for determining who initiates and who waits for an opportunity or invitation. Interestingly this can not be the same for body and mind. If you are an initiator on the mind side, you must be less active, less pushy on the body side. This new method replaces the old interaction type and Variable. You will see right away that this works much better.

We will discuss most of the things you see in the BaanTu 2.0 software, including the Life-Cycles. Students can ask questions and interact throughout the classes. I'm also more than happy to answer any Human Design related questions. After finishing the course, you can be listed at the Graduates BaanTu page with your contact details.

Just as a little advance warning: This will be the only course for this year. I already have enagagements in autumn and there will be no autum semester.

More information and booking: HERE

BaanTu 2.0 Training with Steve Rhodes

Sunday 18th February 2018

6pm-8pm UK time

Every Sunday, for seven weeks

Last class: 1st April

Price: US$ 590

Language: English

We have many students who regularly take advantage of the half-price repeat offer to stay up-to-date with the knowledge. This offer is valid for anyone who took any BaanTu training course, even the older ones (Part 1 or Part 2).

Best wishes,


Steve Rhodes

PS: If you have bought The God Code Kindle edition, you can update it by going to "Manage Your Content and Devices" on your Amazon page. I've fixed a few typos and added a new chapter about "Goals" that was missing in the early editions.