Personal Reading

us$ 180

90 minutes, live reading with me,
Steve Rhodes, via video meeting

After a break, I've decided again to give readings for a limited time. We can include all kinds of relationship matters (friends, work, lovers, and parent/child) if you wish. The meeting app allows you to record audio and video of the reading to your computer. You may ask any BaanTu related questions during the reading, but also Human Design related questions, if you desire.

You don't require any prior knowledge about BaanTu for a reading.

You can pay with PayPal / credit card and the fee will be converted to your local currency if necessary.

To book a reading, first use the "Pay Now" button for PayPal.

Then go to the Contact form and let me know when you would like to do the reading.

I'm available for readings in principle between 11am and 8pm UK time. Please email your desired date/time and I get back to you if it's possible.

Enter your data into the BaanTu system (if you haven't done already). It helps to be in possession of a birth time with at least +/- 15 minutes accuracy for a BaanTu reading. Please verify it before you come to the reading or tell me at the beginning about possible changes or if you are not certain about your time.

Once the payment has arrived, I will get back with a confirmation within 24 hours.

You will receive a web link for the meeting. Please use a headset for the reading. You also need a webcam so we can see each other.

The meeting app allows you to record audio & video of the meeting on your computer.