BaanTu 2.0

us$ 180

90 minutes, live reading with
Steve Rhodes via video meeting

You can also include relationship readings (friends, work, lovers, and parent/child). Our meeting app allows you to record audio and video of the reading to your computer. You may ask any questions during the reading.

The reading is already based on the new BaanTu 2.0, which will be released by the end of the year.

A reading is US$ 180
You can pay with PayPal / credit card and it will be converted to your local currency if necessary.

To book a reading, first use the "Pay Now" button for PayPal above.

Then go to the Contact form and send the following information:

Please suggest two possible dates/times between 2pm and 9pm UK time with a minimum of 48 hours between booking and reading.

Enter your data into the BaanTu system (if you haven't done already) and with the help of the forward and backward buttons (read HELP for more info), check your birth time for any changes shortly before or after. You must be in possession of a birth time with at least +/- 15 minutes accuracy for a BaanTu reading. Please verify it before you come to the reading or tell me at the beginning about possible changes or if you are not certain about your time.

Once the payment has arrived, I will get back with a confirmation or ask you to choose another date if I'm busy on the dates chosen.

You will receive a web link for the meeting. More info HERE

Please use a headset for the reading. I can't give readings if there is an audio feedback loop. I also would like to see you with a webcam, if possible.

The meeting app allows you to record audio & video of the meeting on your computer.