of Ra Uru

In January 1987, Robert Alan Krakower, a former media producer and magazine publisher from Canada, had a mystical encounter on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza that lasted eight days and eight nights. During this time he did not eat, drink, or sleep. He received information about our universe, the design of all living forms, and most importantly, about a mutation in the human body that will lead to the emergence of a new species, the Rave, in 2027. With it, the evolutionary program will turn its back on humanity. The Industrial Revolution and the nation-states as we know them will come to an end.

The coming Rave will look human on the outside, but will have little in common with us. In fact, Raves will appear severely disabled at first. But the moment three of them come together they turn into “one being” with a shared consciousness that can do things that are unimaginable to us humans and will make us look primitive.

Krakower was told the universe is an unborn living entity and that life on Earth will come to an end in about 1,300 years when it will be hit by a meteor. There will be no more biological life after Earth. However, this will be the beginning of yet another journey for us through the solar system with the emergence of the Eron. It will not eat or breathe. And it will live as long as the universe exists.


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