The Key to Your Nature and Life

Liberate yourself from rules telling you what you can and can't do. There are four “voices” inside you that want certain things in life. Just two of them come from the mind, which is why some people think they never get what they want. The other two come from the body. We feel attractions towards things, people, and places that we can’t explain and might even find bewildering. But BaanTu looks into the depths of your being in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.

The four “voices” inside you are essential to your decision-making. They are reaching a consensus out of sight, hidden from your awareness. All we see is the holistic result, leaving many of us wondering why we rarely get what we set out to do. Many people think they are making mistakes or must improve their methods, because they “miss the mark”. Little do they know that what they call “missing” is actually the wisdom of the body, merging with what your mind wants.

This book gives you an overview about what the four “voices” inside of you want, how they evaluate what’s happening and what their holistic result does. By using your precise birth time, reveals the unique mix of “voices” inside your mind and body that determine your being. BaanTu shines a light on these aspects of your being – and what's happening in your life – so you finally see your self and all your relationships in a whole new way.


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