BaanTu Academy Software

We use a video meeting platform for a teaching environment, where we can see each other. Meetings will be recorded (audio and video), but you can also record them yourself.

All you need to join a class for the Academy is a link, which you will receive before class.

Please come a few minutes before the class begins. It's very disruptive if you come late and otherwise you can't test your audio/video.

When you click the link for the meeting for the first time, you will be asked to install a little app. Please don't click at the installer again for the next meeting (in case it has been placed at your desktop). You won't need it again and can delete it. The program is already installed. Click the link you were given and it will launch the already installed app and the meeting.

Your browser might ask you to "Launch Application". Please tick the box "remember my choice for all links of this type", followed by "Launch Application". If you tick the box, it won't ask you next time.

When coming into the meeting, please type your full name (first and last name), tick the box "Remember my name" and make sure that audio is connected and video on.

You might see a window, where you can select "Join Audio Conference by Computer" and "Test Computer Mic & Speakers".

Tick "Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting" to avoid being asked every time you come to class in the future.

It might be a good idea to test your audio first and select the correct input/output for microphone and speakers. Please make sure that you use a headset and not speakers with a built-in mic. They cause a lot of problems for all of us and it won't be possible to let you participate like this.

These are the recommended audio settings, which you can also set later by going to the arrow next to "Unmute/Mute". Make sure you tick the same boxes as in the picture. (all three)

Once you are in, you can see a few things at the bottom of the window. To the left there is a button to Mute/Unmute your mic. When you join a meeting, please mute your mic (it is usually automatically muted) so you don't disturb anyone else with any noise you might make. Only open the mic once the class has begun, it's quiet in your room, or you want to speak to other students. Next to the Unmute/Mute button is a button for your video camera (Start/Stop Video). Make sure your camera is on.

"Participants" shows you everyone else in the meeting and you also can click at "Raise Hand" so Steve knows you want something without interrupting the lecture. You can also use "Chat" to ask something or talk with other students.

You can record the meeting by clicking the Record button at the bottom. You can set the location of your recordings in the Zoom Settings before joining a meeting. We'll also record the meeting, and in case you miss a class, you'll be able to download it later.

If you have trouble with your sound or camera, please click the arrows next to the Unmute/Mute and Stop/Start Video buttons. Here you can select your audio connections and camera. Make sure your Audio Settings have all three boxes ticked like in the picture below. Then select your mic and speaker and test both.

These are the recommended video settings:

Only tick "Capture HD video" when you have a HD (high resolution) camera and fast connection. Built-in cameras are usually not HD.

Another way to join a meeting is to launch the app you have installed (instead of the weblink) and type in the meeting number or select it from the dropdown, which shows past meetings. You can also create your own meeting-app account if you like, but it's not necessary.

You can click "Make Full Screen" in the top right, but then you have to "float" your chat and participant windows. Alternatively you can manually make your meeting window bigger and have them docked to the right side.

Next to "Make Full Screen" you see "Gallery View" or "Speaker View", which allows you to switch between a view that shows all participants and another one that makes anyone speaking large.

If you would like to test the meeting app before coming to the class, there is a dedicated test meeting link.

You can get more help with the app HERE.