BaanTu 2.0 Training Course

This semester will see the launch of the all new BaanTu training program with me, Steve Rhodes. It’s going to be shorter, more affordable, and even more value in terms of useful content. It will be the culmination of my work with BaanTu, entering its 7th year. It will also see a clear break away from the Human Design system, about which I have written in the past in a few books.

I’m currently working on a brand new book and software, which will be out by the end of the year. The students for the 2018 autumn program will learn the principles behind the new book and BaanTu 2.0 software.

I will take you on an eight-week journey and teach you everything about the new BaanTu. It has evolved so much from the first attempts of interpreting the calculations, which Ra Uru Hu received in the 80's that you barely recognize it anymore.

It’s one thing to offer something that “transforms” or seems to “improve” someone's life, and another thing whether this is actually related to the Graph. Many people might tell you that their life was changed when they found God. But they have never actually seen or met God in person. At the same time it could have some value to them. The same can happen with students of the early interpretations of the Graph. Just because somebody is telling you that you are a “Projector” or a "non-energy being" doesn’t mean it exists and is related to what the Graph is showing you. Yes, following a rule that somebody created, might change your life, and it might even please some people that you "wait to be invited". It’s like religion. There are many rules, that other men have created with the promise that they can improve your life. But let us be sure about one thing only at this point: Ra said he was "given" the calculations and the layout for the Graph, but he wasn't given an explanation or interpretation. The Graph came with no "user manual". Things like the "Projector" and "Strategy & Authority" came later and were his own inventions and gospel. After working with this knowledge for almost 15 years, it became clear to me that the Graph has a totally different message.

BaanTu is a magnifying glass into our own nature. That includes the understanding of what kind of people you like and what their qualities are. Every one of us is programmed. This is not a choice we make. Instead of finding faults in you that don't exist and offering you a silly fix, BaanTu lets you to see the outline of your programming to understand who you actually are instead of fighting it.

The next course will begin on:

Sunday 18 Februrary 2018
6pm-8pm UK time

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Every Sunday, for 8 weeks
Last class: 8 April
(next semester will be in March)

Price: US$ 590
Language: English

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You can repeat this course for half-price to get access to the latest updates and developments. This also applies to anyone who took Part 2 from the old Academy program.

Price: US$ 295

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We use a high-quality video classroom where people can see each other and talk with Steve and others. There is also a chat-text, drawing board and screen-sharing facility. Students are allowed to ask Steve questions anytime during class. He will also use the student's designs to give examples of readings.

All classes will be recorded, which is helpful should you miss one.

Classroom conference system info

It's not mandatory to participate live in the classes. If you'd rather learn alone or you are busy on Sunday, you can download the video every week and watch it in your own time.