BaanTu 2.0 Training Course

Join me, Steve Rhodes, on a seven-week deep-dive course into BaanTu 2.0. This update to my original 2011 teachings and software, which was launched in December 2017, is a totally new approach of looking at the Graph and its data.

BaanTu primarily shows you in what ways you differ from other people, instead of telling you what's wrong with you. In fact, there isn't anything wrong with you. Life is full of challenges and we are all here to solve them in our own unique ways.

We will also talk about how life is organised in the universe and about our past, future and role of humanity on planet Earth, which will come to an end in a little more than 1,000 years. It's a fascinating theory that turns the principle of a centralized higher God-like power on its head. According to it, we and all other life forms carry within us a little bit of the intelligence that builds the universe. In a way we all carry a little bit of God, but I prefer to call it the Program. All these little pieces that sit within us are invisibly connected to each other by neutrinos and communicate according to a hierarchy established at the Big Bang.

For the majority of the course, we'll explore the new principles of BaanTu 2.0, which reveal traits of our personality and body in unseen, never-described-before new ways. These traits form parts of our nature that are impossible to change. We can't understand what our actual purpose is within this universe - in the same way a cell can't understand what its function is within our body. Though, the Program ensures that everyone and everything is doing the right thing and is at the right place. It's using pain, pleasure, and the illusion of happiness as a tool to guide us to the right activity and place.

What's particularly fascinating about BaanTu 2.0 is that you can see what kind of people you want to spend more time with and what kind of people you find it difficult to be with for a longer amount of time. It's a mistake to assume we should - and could - love everyone equally (which isn't possible anyway). While it's nonsense to make universal judgments about others, we should have our own personal judgments and develop discernment about who the right people are in our life. We will uncover, layer by layer, how the Program is influencing all our daily activities and uncover the psychology of our minds. We also learn about four important traits that are the basis of every relationship:

  • How attractive you find the other’s qualities.
  • How compatible you are.
  • How much you motivate each other.
  • How much you dominate each other.

They determine how much time you are able to spend with a person, which you can see by using the updated BaanTu web software.

I'll cover every aspect that you see in the BaanTu 2.0 web software, and you'll learn how to use it as well as practice making a proper assessment of an individual's Graph by using students' own Graph and data.

The next course will begin on:

Sunday 18 February 2018
6pm-8pm UK time

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Every Sunday, for 7 weeks
Last class: 1 April
(next course will be not before 2019)

Price: US$ 590
Language: English

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You can repeat this course for half-price to get access to the latest updates and developments. This also applies to anyone who took any training course from the old 3-part Human Design-based education (Part 1 or Part 2).

Price: US$ 295

By making a payment you accept
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We use a high-quality video classroom where people can see each other and talk with Steve and others. There is also a chat-text, drawing board and screen-sharing facility. Students are allowed to ask Steve questions anytime during class. He will also use the student's designs to give examples of readings.

All classes will be recorded, which is helpful should you miss one.

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It's not mandatory to participate live in the classes. If you'd rather learn alone or you are busy on Sunday, you can download the video every week and watch it in your own time.