BaanTu 2.0 Training Course

Join me, Steve Rhodes, on a seven-week deep-dive course into BaanTu 2.0. We will cover everything you see in the BaanTu software (and more).

The new BaanTu reveals important qualities about a person's nature and psyche. It shows aspects of your being, both body and mind, and how this differs from others and in the process how to protect yourself. Some people need to be more careful than others to avoid long-lasting trauma. BaanTu also helps you to better understand the people in your life. It's about better understanding their needs and wants. You'll have a clearer picture about some of their triggers and have fewer "nasty" surprises.

The most important lesson to learn is that we are all different. You can't assume people are like you and vice versa. In 1987 Ra Uru Hu (the founder of the Human Design System) had a mystical encounter, in which he was told about a Cosmic Program that controls all life. He called it "the Story of the Consciousness Crystals". I've studied with Ra Uru Hu for seven years and realized very early on the importance of this message. The encounter wasn't about Human Design at all (as some people falsely assume). It was a message to humanity, in order to understand how life is organised, and Ra was the chosen medium. Many of us think that life is chaos and are therefore are afraid or lost. They look for guidance and usually expose themselves to charlatans exploiting their insecurities.

With BaanTu we can see why people choose to eat in a specific way and why they choose certain types of environment. It also helps you to understand your children better in order not to force them to eat unhealthily or be in places that make them uncomfortable. But it's never about telling somebody what to eat or in what place to be. It's only about better understanding their needs and behaviour.

BaanTu is here to give a new view point about how you are guided through life. It reveals why you are the way you are. It also shows what your goals and ambitions are, in addition to the kind of people you prefer as company.

This knowledge is like no other. It's unique. Come and join me for a breathtaking ride this semester to expand your understanding of your life and the universe.

You can still join the ongoing course and will receive the missed classes as video downloads.

*** Currently no further courses planned ***

Sunday 18 February 2018
6pm-8pm UK time

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Every Sunday, for 7 weeks
Last class: 1 April

Price: US$ 590
Language: English

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You can repeat this course for half-price to get access to the latest updates and developments. This also applies to anyone who took any training course from the old 3-part Human Design-based education (Part 1 or Part 2).

Price: US$ 295

By making a payment you accept
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We use a high-quality video classroom where people can see each other and talk with Steve and others. There is also a chat-text, drawing board and screen-sharing facility. Students are allowed to ask Steve questions anytime during class. He will also use the student's designs to give examples of readings.

All classes will be recorded, which is helpful should you miss one.

It's not mandatory to participate live in the classes. If you'd rather learn alone or you are busy on Sunday, you can download the video every week and watch it in your own time.