The Big BaanTu Course – Autumn 2018


It will begin with what I already wrote about in “The Prophecy of Ra Uru Hu”: the story of a colourful Canadian I met many years ago when living for several years on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. He spoke of an “encounter with the forces” he had in the hills of Ibiza in 1987 when living as a wild man for many years after leaving behind his middle-class, business life in Canada, including his family who declared him dead after a couple of years. He said he was shown a drawing that consisted of nine Centres and numerous Channels connecting them, with the position of the planets at a human’s birth (and approx. three month before) to determine their activations. He wasn’t given a detailed explanation of what it all meant, but instead (for the most part) was told a bizarre story about the beginning of our universe, its future into the next hundreds of million years and how a big “Program” is influencing the actions and nature of us, as well as every other life-form.

Surprisingly, he was told that the "Program" is not a central higher power, instead it is a form of "consciousness" that is distributed in many parts. One could imagine it as a big crystal that was broken into an almost infinite amount number of shards. He was also told that every human being carries two of them and so does every other form of life. Most of these "shards" never incarnate into biological life or so tasked to "build" the Program, whereas the ones who do incarnate, build biological life, the form. The Program is nothing but a fancy name for the building plan of the universe.


Based on this life-transforming experience, he founded the Human Design System, the first attempt to make sense of the information and meant as a tool to make "better decisions". I studied the Human Design System with Ra Uru Hu for seven years with great interest, was trained as a certified analyst when living at Ibiza myself for three years and published a book about the man and his work after his sudden death in 2011.

Despite my deep respect for Ra’s work, I’ve always been skeptical. Many people make the mistake to assume that he received the Human Design System during the "encounter". Yet, this was the result of his later work, including contributions from some of his early co-workers. Human Design emerged five years after the encounter. Following his own words that it is all of our responsibility to make sense of what he was given, I eventually transformed some of the “discrepancies” in Human Design I had a problem with into a new way of understanding the “Graph” (the nine Centres and Channels) and decided to call it BaanTu. My work for the last couple of years has also revealed a ground-breaking new way of understanding relationships, with an unheard degree of accuracy that is now part of the new BaanTu web-software.


The Big BaanTu Course will kick off with the "Prophecy" and "encounter" of Ra Uru Hu, offering you an understanding of the message and mechanisms of life he was given that serves as the foundation of BaanTu. We will also briefly talk about the differences between Human Design and BaanTu, and why things have evolved the way they did, before diving into the core part of the course, where we will talk about all aspects and nuances of BaanTu.

BaanTu is less about making better decisions, and more about understanding that every decision we make is partly the result of an invisible big Program that can be visualised with the "Graph" and the BaanTu web-software. I would say though that with BaanTu one can make a better informed decision.

(Due to popular demand, the software includes both the BaanTu and the traditional Human Design Graph, complete with all Rave I-Ching descriptions.)


BaanTu is not about changing your nature (which I don't think you can - you might be able to "bend" it slightly), but rather understanding it and working with it. The same applies to relationships. It's not about changing someone, but managing the dynamics of the relationship. Sometimes the Program doesn't want you to spend a lot of time with certain people (which doesn't always mean you don't like them). Fighting it can be frustrating. Acceptance is the key.

Finally, we will spend the last weeks practising how to interpret a person’s data and chart.

The course will be held in English by myself and will require no previous knowledge of BaanTu or Human Design, although it can be an advantage to have read both of my books “The Prophecy of Ra Uru Hu” and “The God Code”. They are both available on Amazon. It is an interactive program, where we all see each other live, and everyone can ask questions throughout the course. All the classes can be downloaded as watermarked video recordings afterwards, which also helps in case you can’t attend the classes (or some of them) live.

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2-3: The Mechanics of the "Program"

Week 4-8: BaanTu Advanced Training

Week 9-10: BaanTu Practise Sessions

Starts on:
TBA (currently no course planned)
6pm-8pm UK time

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Every Sunday, for 10 weeks
Last class: TBA

Price: US$ 890
Language: English

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We use a high-quality video classroom where people can see each other and talk with Steve and others. There is also a chat-text, drawing board and screen-sharing facility. Students are allowed to ask Steve questions anytime during class. He'll also use the student's designs as examples of readings.

All classes will be recorded, and are available for download. It's not required to attend the classes live.

Anyone taking the full course is allowed to be listed at the BaanTu Graduates page.